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Talk To Shawn


In our Show we bring you conversations with inspiring Artists from around the world. Our guests are talented, creative individuals who have dedicated their lives to making different forms of art. Each episode, we take a deep dive into their passions, motivations, and the stories behind them. 

We will cover topics such as the creative process, their individual journeys, navigating the industry, and the unique experiences and challenges of being an artist today. You’ll gain insight into their personal histories, as well as tips and advice on how to make it as a professional. Our guests will also share stories of how they overcame obstacles and ultimately realized their dreams of making Art.  

Through our podcast, you will meet a diverse array of Artists from across the globe, and explore the unique paths that have brought them to where they are now. We hope you enjoy getting to know our guests and that this podcast offers you an inspiring insight into what it takes to be a successful artist today.

Talk To Shawn (Siobhan Maher Kennedy) #131 part 2
Talk To Shawn (Siobhan Maher Kennedy) #131 part 1
Talk To Shawn (Addley) #130
Talk To Shawn (Sam Lyon) #129  Part 3
Talk To Shawn (Sam Lyon) #129  Part 2
Talk To Shawn (Sam Lyon) #129  Part 1
Talk To Shawn (Georgia Johnson)  #128
Talk To Shawn (Liz Owen) #127


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I had a great chat with Shawn, he made me feel so comfortable and his presence is so warm and inviting, I felt right at home. Shawn is a remarkable young man with a great mind and I really enjoyed conversing with him about our views on the music industry today.


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